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There are times when you alter your routine in a way that can transform your life. As you look to improve yourself and enhance your well-being, you search for ways to clear your mind, make your body healthier and more agile. You look for contentment both within yourself and your surroundings. It’s a search for experiences that allows you to say “Yes, that changed my life.

Caldera Spas are designed and built for just that sort of life-altering experience. To those who think of a hot tub merely as a luxury, that could come as a surprise. Yet our purpose is to improve your life, to help you feel better physically, mentally and even spiritually. A Caldera® Spas hot tub is a personal wellness retreat that can help you feel more relaxed, flexible and focused. It can relieve the pressure on joints, reduce pain and help you unwind. It can also provide a customized massage to help muscles recover.

Caldera spas placement with purpose: Each spa uses a variety of jets, each with its purpose. They are thoughtfully arranged in each seat and work together to target specific muscle groups from your neck to your shoulders, back, calves, wrists, and feet. Comfort that fits you, ergonomically designed shells are shaped to fit the body’s natural contours, perfectly positioning you to relieve pressure and stress. With multi-level seating, there’s a comfortable spot to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Caldera Spas Comfort: Every contour, meticulously considered. Every curve, designed to work precisely with your body. Every feature, meant to create a sense of peace, immersion, and presence within your experience. Design: We craft each detail to be stunning and inviting. With beautiful color choices, contemporary cabinet designs, and sweeping contours, we’ve designed the perfect hot tub: yours. Caldera Spas Performance: Your hot tub should always be ready when you are, with water that’s fresh and clean. Our focus on performance allows you to enjoy the experience simply.

Utopia® Series

The Utopia Series represents our finest luxury spas and the ultimate rejuvenation experience.

Paradise® Series

Get an immersive hydrotherapy massage with a superior blend of options and practical functions.

Vacanza® Series

The broadest range of therapeutic benefits at the greatest value

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8 Person Hot Tub

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6 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

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Explore Paradise® Models

7 Person Hot Tub

7 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

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Explore Vacanza® Models

7 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub


6 Person Hot Tub

5 Person Hot Tub

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