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Hot Spring Spas manufactures the world’s most innovative and energy-efficient hot tubs. For more than 40 years, we’ve designed and built spas with unique massage, easy-to-use water care systems, and features that keep operating costs low. Our decades of experience and unparalleled customer care give you the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience.

Hot Springs Unique Massage, One-of-a-kind Moto-Massage® DX moving jets provide two powerful water streams that sweep up and down your back. 100% Water Filtration, exclusive no-bypass filtration system, and dishwasher-safe Tri-X® filters help keep the water crystal clear.  Easy Water Care, FreshWater™ Salt System ready for our best spa water possible with less effort. Energy Saving, Full-foam insulation and Energy Smart® system for Super Energy Efficiency

Hot Springs Easy Operation, Wireless remote control operates spa functions from anywhere in the spa and up to 30 feet away. Built for Years of Use, The polymer support structure and the base pan are wood-free for durability and long life.


Highlife® Collection

Our best to unleash your best.

Limelight® Collection

Advanced Design and Features.

Hot Spot® Collection

Quality, performance, and value. Relax every day.

Explore Highlife® Models

Introducing, Highlife Collection. The pinnacle of design, engineering and luxury from Hot Spring Spas.

Hot Spring Highlife Collection Comparison View Chart

7 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

5 Person Hot Tub

5 Person Hot Tub

5 Person Hot Tub

4 Person Hot Tub

Jetsetter LX
3 Person Hot Tub

3 Person Hot Tub

Explore Limelight® Models

Hot Spring Limelight Collection Comparison View Chart

A Hot Spring® spa is a place for personal improvement, where you can immerse yourself in warm water and massage to revitalize, slow down to recover, and connect with others to feel closer.  Remarkable things happen when you make spending time in.

BETTER WELLNESS, Hydrotherapy improves circulation and helps keep you flexible so that you can be your best every day. Step into your Hot Spring® spa and emerge feeling better mentally, physically, and emotionally.

BETTER RECOVERYThe combination of heat and advanced massage provides a total-body therapeutic experience. Warm water raises body
temperature and increases blood circulation, buoyancy relieves
stress on joints to encourage better movement, and carefully
placed jets massage away the knots and aches in your muscles.

BETTER SELF A spa provides you with a unique sense of personal well-being, a special place where the rigors of everyday life are on pause. It
prepares you for the day ahead and helps you unwind and sleep better at night.

BETTER CONNECTION, Spending time in a hot tub, without distractions, invites you to connect on a deeper level with the people who matter most in your life. You’ll find that you feel closer, and great conversations
happen naturally. The benefits flow well beyond just your time in the water; they fill your life with moments that fuel your best relationships.

7 Person Hot Tub

7 Person Hot Tub

7 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

4 Person Hot Tub

7 Person Hot Tub

6 Person Hot Tub

5 Person Hot Tub

3 Person Hot Tub

3 Person Hot Tub

2 Person Hot Tub



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